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After years of waiting, Nothing came

febrero 16, 2008

Excelente video realizado por Dan Provost durante sus estudios en Dusseldorf.

Radiohead – Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box

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After years of waiting, nothing came. As your life flashed before your eyes, you realise. I’m a reasonable man, get off, get off my case. After years of waiting, nothing came, And you realize you’re looking in, looking in the wrong place.


Up on the ladder, away for your mistake

febrero 7, 2008

Filmado en los primeros días de enero en la ciudad de Arequipa. Todas las tomas realizadas con la visión nocturna de una vieja cámara sony, cinta 8mm. La canción es Up on the ladder del In Rainbows CD2 de Radiohead.

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I’m stuck in the tardis, trapped in hyperspace. One minute snake charming, the next in another game. All the right moves and in the right percent. Watch me dance, I’m a puppet. You can almost see the strings. Give me an answer, give me a light. I’ve been climbing up this ladder, I’ve been wasting my time. Up on the ladder, no time to escape. Up on the ladder, away for your mistake. Up on the ladder, trying to call out your name. Up on the ladder, you’re all the fucking same.